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Adding 10000 rows in a table Unknown User 1 Unknown User Link To Post 2019/10/08   09:53
Unprotect the excel sheet with password pro-grammatically using officejs. Unknown User 1 Unknown User Link To Post 2019/01/31   14:49
Protect an office online add-on Unknown User 1 Unknown User Link To Post 2018/11/23   02:06
Open Office JS Template in same Excel File Unknown User 1 Unknown User Link To Post 2018/08/02   16:51
Access Token using Identityserver4 in office.js Unknown User 2 Unknown User Link To Post 2018/06/28   14:54
[Web Texts] Synchronization not possible Lukasz Nowak 2 Romain Courteaud Link To Post 2017/07/21   13:56
Task Manager JS does not work Unknown User 2 Romain Courteaud Link To Post 2017/07/20   10:09
Save callback handler from 'Ctrl +S ' in office.js add-in Unknown User 1 Unknown User Link To Post 2017/06/20   05:01
Jabber password bug Unknown User 2 Unknown User Link To Post 2017/06/02   11:01
declareService vs declareJob Unknown User 4 Cédric Le Ninivin Link To Post 2017/03/08   10:47
Font problem in Unknown User 3 Unknown User Link To Post 2017/03/08   01:23
Where is renderjs documentation ? or which is latest doc ? Unknown User 2 Cédric Le Ninivin Link To Post 2017/03/07   14:03
Dead link in Unknown User 2 Cédric Le Ninivin Link To Post 2017/03/07   14:02
Unhandled Exception with Bookmarks App Unknown User 4 Sebastian Kreisel Link To Post 2017/02/16   15:30
[Release][PDF Reader] First release of PDF Reader Cédric Le Ninivin 1 Cédric Le Ninivin Link To Post 2016/12/21   17:35

Latest News

06-06 2020

No containers and no sudo: Building and deploying ProviewR on SlapOS

ProviewR is a process automation software used in large scale industries. SlapOS is an operation management platform for cloud computing and edge computing. We explain in this article how we adapted ProviewR to build and run on SlapOS.
18-05 2020

Launch of Rapid.Space, the world's first provider of open source cloud and 5G infrastructures

Rapid.Space is a global provider of converged cloud and 5G network infrastructures offering high performance, reversibility, transparency, privacy and sovereignty at a competitive cost.
02-05 2020

Recent trends in process isolation technologies

Efficient process isolation and portability is still an open problem. Technologies such as ZeroVM which provided a brilliant solution are no longer maintained. Alternatives are emerging: V8: Isolates, Firecracker, gVisor, OSv. Which one could make sense in the context of Nexedi stack?
14-04 2020

Are Linux containers stable enough for production and why Nexedi uses SlapOS nano-containers instead ?

Nexedi does not use LXC containers or docker because it is impossible to ensure their stable operation especially in case of kernel ABI mismatch or missing containerisation of system calls. Instead, we use SlapOS nano-containers which have provided since 2010 similar benefits in a more stable way while using less resources. SlapOS nano-containers will soon be deployed on embedded device using Elbe embedded Linux with over-the-air (OTA) upgrade and secure boot.

08-10 2019

Adding 10000 rows in a table by Unknown User

Hello, I am trying to create a table containing 82 columns and 10000 rows (11028 to be exact) in a sheet. I tried to add the lines one by one and then to do a Sync but the table is not created. I thought it was a lot of data at one time so I tried adding lines in packets of 1000. This time, I get the table but only the first 1000 rows are filled. In the log, I see all the packets go by.   In the code below : - "values" is the json formatted data i try to add  - "tableName" speaks for itself. The steps before 5 are inscriptions of some data in other sheets but these works.   function CreateODataQuerySheetStep5_List(values, tableName) {     let n = values.length;     if (n > 0) {         CreateODataQuerySheetStep5_ListTableHeader(values, tableName);           } else { (context) {             let headers = [["No data"]];             let sheet = context.workbook.worksheets.getItem(newQueryName);             let table = sheet.tables.add("A1", true);    = tableName;             table.getHeaderRowRange().values = headers;             sheet.activate();             window.location.href = "Home.html";             return context.sync();         }).catch(function (error) {             logging(sessionStorage.getItem("Token"), error);         });             } } function CreateODataQuerySheetStep5_ListTableHeader(values, tableName) {     console.log("Creating header"); (context) {         console.log("Get Sheet");         let sheet = context.workbook.worksheets.getItem(newQueryName);         console.log("Define table horizontal length");         let line = values[0];         let keys = Object.keys(line);         let address = "A1:" + ColumnToLetter(keys.length) + "1";         console.log("Computing header columns");         let headers = [];         for (let j = 0; j < keys.length; j++) {             let key = keys[j];             headers.push(key);         }         console.log("Adding table");         let table = sheet.tables.add(address, true); = tableName;         let temp = [];         temp.push(headers);         console.log("Putting header");         table.getHeaderRowRange().values = temp;         return context.sync().then(function () {             console.log("Header created")             CreateODataQuerySheetStep5_List1000(values, 0, tableName, headers);         }).catch(function (error) {             logging(sessionStorage.getItem("Token"), error);         });     }).catch(function (error) {         logging(sessionStorage.getItem("Token"), error);     }); } function CreateODataQuerySheetStep5_List1000(values, start, tableName, headers) {     console.log("Adding 1000 rows"); (context) {         console.log("Get Sheet");         let sheet = context.workbook.worksheets.getItem(newQueryName);         console.log("Get Table");         let table = sheet.tables.getItem(tableName);         console.log("Computing max between 1000 and remaining lines");         let x = values.length - start;         let n = Math.min(1000, x);         console.log("Adding rows from " + start.toString() + " to " + (start + n).toString());         for (let i = start; i < n; i++) {             let line = values[i];             let keys = Object.keys(line);             let row = [];             for (let jj = 0; jj < headers.length; jj++) {                 let prop = headers[jj];                 let value = line[prop];                 if ($.type(value).toLowerCase() === 'string') {                     value = "'" + value;                 }                 row.push(value);             }             table.rows.add(null, [row]);         }         console.log("Rows added");              let y = start + 1000;         if (y < values.length)         {             console.log("Rows are remaining");             return context.sync().then(function () {                 console.log("Recursive Call");                 CreateODataQuerySheetStep5_List1000(values, y, tableName, headers);             }).catch(function (error) {                 logging(sessionStorage.getItem("Token"), error);             });         }         else         {             //if (Office.context.requirements.isSetSupported("ExcelApi", 1.2)) {             //    sheet.getUsedRange().format.autofitColumns();             //    sheet.getUsedRange().format.autofitRows();             //}             console.log("Sheet activation");             sheet.activate();             return context.sync().then(function () {                 console.log("return to home");                 window.location.href = "Home.html";             });         }              }).catch(function (error) {         logging(sessionStorage.getItem("Token"), error);     });      }
31-01 2019

Unprotect the excel sheet with password pro-grammatically using officejs. by Unknown User

await function(context) {   const sheet = context.workbook.worksheets.getActiveWorksheet(); // const workBook = context.workbook. console.log(;"abc") const range = sheet.getUsedRange(); range.load("values"); range.load("address"); return context.sync().then(function () { console.log(range.address); }) }).catch(function(error) { console.log("Error: " + error);   });   Giving Error: Uncaught (in promise): InvalidArgument: The argument is invalid or missing or has an incorrect format.